Aged Murderer – Movement for Release

John Charles Manning was convicted at Bendigo on April 7, 1908, of having murdered his wife by cutting her throat, and was sentenced to death. The sentence was commuted to imprisonment for life (with- out the benefit of the conditions relating to remission of sentence). The case has again been brought before the Attorney General (Mr. Robinson), and will probably be considered by the Cabinet.

Official records show that Manning lived with his wife and members of his family at Wills street, Bendigo. There were eight children, and the age of the youngest was 16 years. Manning had made wounds in his own throat.

On May 28, 1912, after careful consideration, the Cabinet decided that it could not recommend any interference with the sentence.

The authorities of the Salvation Army have now stated that if Manning is released they will receive him into their Abbotsford home, ‘”The Anchorage,” and will look after him to the best of their ability.

Manning is 78 years of age, and the medical officer of the Geelong Gaol has reported that he is suffering from senility and a weak heart, and is becoming childish.

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