Assault by a Prisoner

AN AFFRAY IN THE GEELONG GAOL – September 29, 1886

A prisoner named Frederick Parkinson alias John Williams, 78 years of age, committed a violent assault in the Geelong Gaol this morning on one of the warders named James Kerley, 50 years of age.

The warder was in the corridor serving out tobacco to the men privileged to receive it, when the prisoner went up to him, and applied an offensive name to him, and stated he was the cause of all the assailant’s troubles. He then struck the warder on the left side with great force. Parkinson was immediately taken care of by another warder, named Graves, and a prisoner, and placed in a cell.

At the place where the assault had been committed a small knife, with a little blood on it, was found on the floor, evidently belonging to the prisoner. Warder Kerley, who had not taken much notice of the assault, then found blood flowing from his clothes, and on taking his clothes off, it was found that he had been stabbed within an inch of the heart. He was attended to by Dr. Croker, medical officer to the gaol, who stated that the wound was not dangerous.

The blade ofthe knife was bent, owing to the force with which the blow had been struck, and the handle was split. The warder had a thick jumper on, two waistcoats, and a shirt, and this proving a protection possibly prevented the injury being fatal.

Parkinson was an old prisoner, having been sent out from Portsmouth in 1835, and also in 1842 on a sentence of seven years. It is said that he has been sentenced 13 times. The prisoner will be charged with the assault as soon as the warder is sufficiently recovered to appear against him.

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