Chinaman to Stand on Head in Courtroom

At the Police Court on the 11th of September 1882, a Chinaman named Ah Pong, who has spent the greater portion of his life in gaol, and who assaulted two women, was charged with being a rogue and vagabond, the persons assaulted declining to prosecute on a more serious charge.

The mayor expressed the opinion that Ah Pong was very anxious evidently to get back to gaol, where he had comfortable quarters, and had committed the assaults with the view of getting a lengthened term of imprisonment.

The police magistrate regretted that the women declined to prosecute and would have liked Ah Pong to have received a sound flogging by way of deterring him from again wishing to get to gaol. He was sentenced to two years imprisonment.

The Chinaman seemed delighted, and wished to stand on his head, but was prevented from doing so.

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