Escape of Chief Warder’s servant

Charles West – 18 September, 1882

A prisoner named Charles West, who was sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment in the Geelong gaol on the 30th of last month, for having stolen goods from various shops in town, escaped from the gaol yesterday afternoon in a most mysterious manner.

West was employed in the gaol as servant to the chief warder. He was last seen by the warder, in charge of the front gate about to go upstairs towards the chief warder’s quarters about 4o’clock. This warder was on duty until, about five minutes to 5 and did not see West come downstairs again, and when the muster was called at 5 o’clock , West was nowhere to be found.

A thorough search was then made of the gaol and its precincts, but without finding the prisoner or any trace whatever as to how he escaped. His escape
is therefore, shrouded in mystery.

West is 27 years of age, about 5 feet 6 inches in height, medium build, fresh ruddy complexion, has dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and is a labourer. He was clad in prison clothes, and it is believed he has friends in Geelong.

Up to a late hour last evening no trace whatever had been found of him.

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