Nine Escape from Geelong Gaol

On this day …….. 24th of September 1945

Nine soldiers who were under sentence in the Geelong Gaol escaped on the 24th of September 1945 at 2.50pm. 

The men were serving sentences from six months to two years.  According to the army authorities, the prisoners were in a mess room and, in a sudden rush they placed a long form against the wall and in quick succession, leaped over the parapet. 

The escape was seen by two sentries stationed on the wall, but by the time they had descended the men had disappeared. Army regulations do not permit the sentries to fire on prisoners to prevent them from escaping. 

The local police quickly organised a search but the men could not be found. It is known that four of the men were alleged to have accepted a meal from a farmer and then stolen some money. When the farmer said something the men handed back the money and left. 

All nine men were found within the Geelong area and taken back to the Gaol.

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